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Jet plus plumbing has many years of experience in the Industrial Plumbing Industry and are dedicated to helping out the local industries with all their industrial plumbing requirements.
We can identify areas of improvement as well as perform fast-actioned reactive plumbing services.

Industrial plumbing systems can vary widely in scope and complexity, depending on the size and type of the building or facility.
Examples of industrial plumbing systems include water supply systems, sewer and drainage systems, gas lines, fire suppression systems, and industrial waste management systems.
Industrial systems that are designed to handle larger volumes of water, higher water pressure, and more complex waste management needs than typical residential plumbing systems.

Industrial plumbing services may also involve specialised equipment and techniques, such as backflow prevention devices, industrial-grade pumps, and high-pressure water jetting equipment.
These tools and techniques can help to ensure that industrial plumbing systems are installed, maintained, and repaired to meet the unique needs of industrial and commercial facilities.

Industrial plumbing is an essential component of maintaining safe, efficient, and sustainable operations in commercial and industrial settings across Australia.


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Industrial Plumbing Backflow Prevention

We provide complete plumbing services of the highest standard across industrial sites, from plumbing and restoration to backflow prevention and maintenance.

Industrial backflow prevention devices are designed to prevent backflow from occurring and protect public health. These devices are typically installed on the main water supply line to the building and can include check valves, air gaps, and backflow prevention assemblies.

Check valves are a common type of backflow prevention device that allow water to flow in only one direction. These valves can be installed on pipes, pumps, and other types of equipment to prevent backflow from occurring. Air gaps are another type of backflow prevention device that create a physical separation between the water supply and potential sources of contamination.

Backflow prevention assemblies are more complex devices that are designed to prevent backflow from occurring in larger industrial and commercial buildings. These devices may include multiple check valves and other specialized components that are designed to protect against backflow in complex plumbing systems.

Industrial backflow prevention is regulated by state and local authorities, and businesses are required to comply with relevant regulations and standards. Industrial plumbing professionals such as Jet Plus Plumbing can help businesses to assess their backflow prevention needs and install the appropriate devices to ensure compliance and protect public health.

We follow all Victorian regulations to ensure our customers in Melbourne are safeguarded by backflow prevention devices that are efficient and compliant.
Commercial and industrial premises where potential water contaminants are used or processed and so these industries will need to follow all appropriate guidelines.

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Industrial Drainage Systems And Maintenance

Drainage systems are an integral part of industrial plumbing and systems need to remove large volumes of wastewater and other types of liquid waste from the buildings, facilities, and infrastructure.
In many cases, industrial drainage systems are connected to the municipal sewer system or other types of wastewater treatment facilities.
These systems may include various types of pipes, such as PVC or HDPE pipes, that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments. Drainage systems may also feature specialized components, such as traps, vents, and cleanouts, that are designed to ensure proper flow and prevent the buildup of harmful gases or odours.

Maintaining and repairing drainage systems is an essential part of industrial plumbing. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and inspection, will help to prevent blockages and ensure that the system is functioning properly. In the event of a blockage or other type of issue, industrial plumbers use specialised equipment and techniques to diagnose and repair the problem, such as high-pressure water jetting equipment or CCTV cameras.

Drainage systems play a crucial role in maintaining the health and safety of workers, protecting the environment, and ensuring efficient and sustainable industrial operations in Australia. By investing in high-quality drainage systems and partnering with experienced industrial plumbing professionals, businesses can ensure that their operations are running smoothly and efficiently, while also complying with relevant regulations and standards.