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    Hot Water Service Bayswater

    Did you know that your water heater probably accounts for around 21% of your household energy usage? And that in the average Australian home, it’s second only to your heating and cooling systems for energy use? For this reason (and many others) it’s important to have an efficient hot water service. Bayswater homeowners can reap the benefits with lower gas or electricity costs. And when you pair an efficient water heater with water efficient shower heads, you save water as well.

    Talk to the team at Jet Plus Plumbing when you want to choose the most efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable water heater for your home or business.

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    Installing and Maintaining Hot Water Services Bayswater Locals Love

    There are many reasons to replace an old water heater. It could be to enjoy greater efficiency, more reliable hot water, or because you’re no longer receiving hot water at all from a once faithful hot water service. Bayswater locals can call us whether they need a new hot water system in a hurry, or they want to talk to an expert team of plumbers about the best system for their needs.

    We can talk you through the advantages of continuous flow versus storage water heaters. We can also help you decide if it’s worth making the switch from an electric hot water system to a gas hot water system, or vice versa. If you have been thinking about having a solar hot water system installed, then we can help you there too.

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    Need a New Hot Water Service? Bayswater Locals Can Call Jet Plus Plumbing!

    Whatever style of water heater you are considering (or if you have only just started your research) you can call the team at Jet Plus Plumbing. We have the extensive experience with each type of hot water service Bayswater locals can rely on.

    You can also call our plumbers if you suspect your hot water system may be in need of maintenance or repairs. This is often a great way to keep your current water heater functioning at it’s best, so that you continue to enjoy a reliable flow of hot water from your current system for years to come.

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