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    Local Lynbrook Plumbers You Can Count On

    If a tap is constantly dripping, or water is pooling in the shower rather than draining away, you can call Jet Plus Plumbing. We are happy to resolve these smaller issues for you. We can also handle the larger projects, including installing new hot water systems for hospitality businesses, or getting to the source of a blocked or damaged drain.

    For exceptional customer service from a licensed and experienced plumber, Lynbrook locals can call Jet Plus Plumbing.

    To ensure our customers can truly rely on our services, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing solutions. If you have ever experienced a burst pipe, backed up sewerage, or other plumbing problems at an unsociable hour, then you will understand just how important it is to be able to call on plumbing services whenever you need them.

    The Plumber Lynbrook Locals Know And Trust

    Top backflow testing and prevention services

    For reliable and comprehensive services in backflow prevention from a qualified plumber, Lynbrook customers know to turn to the expert team here at Jet Plus Plumbing.

    backflow benefits

    Backflow systems keep drinking water from being contaminated by dirty water as it is extracted from the property. If this does happen, then it poses a health risk to all those who consume it. The most common reason for backflow systems to fail is general wear and tear on the components, which is why testing is a crucial part of all plumbing maintenance checks for both residential and commercial addresses.

    The Jet Plus Plumbing team work with both Yarra Valley Water and South East Water, providing customers with fast and dependable testing and prevention services. That means that customers can rest easy, knowing that their drinking water is clean and safe.

    Keeping up to date with the latest industry standards

    We are proud to be a member of the Master Plumbers Association, which gives our customers the confidence of knowing they’re working with some of the best in the business. At Jet Plus Plumbing we also provide in-demand services in TMV, or thermostatic mixing valve, testing.

    For all further enquiries simply call us today on 0421 725 624.

    Need a Local Plumber in Lynbrook?

    Want to find out more about any of our services? contact our plumbers. Lynbrook locals (and those in the nearby suburbs) can count on the expertise of Jet Plus Plumbing for repairs, installation, and maintenance

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