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    Need a plumber in Pakenham? Call the team from Jet Plus Plumbing when you want efficient and reliable service. From fixing a leaky tap at your home, to installing the hot water service that can deal with the demands of your commercial premises, we offer the range of plumbing services that our customers need. We provide clear communication, a high standard of work, and outstanding customer service. We respect your residential or commercial property by working tidily and efficiently, and cleaning up once the work is done.

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    Backflow Testing And Prevention Services

    Jet Plus Plumbing has been a sought-after name in backflow testing across Pakenham for years, providing all of our valued customers with cost-effective and reliable services that will ensure their drinking water is safe, clean, and healthy.

    Backflow Testing and prevention benefits

    Backflow prevention helps to keep dirty water out of your property’s drinking water supply (and out of the main water supply) and testing is an important part of all regular plumbing maintenance services for properties at a medium to high risk for backflow events. Testing helps to detect if there is any wear and tear or faults on the backflow system, and allows for it to be replaced before anyone’s health is put at risk.

    Professional plumbers in Pakenham

    We provide services to customers of both Yarra Valley Water and South East Water, and as members of the Master Plumbers Association our customers can always be sure they are receiving a proven and professional service.

    Jet Plus Plumbing is also a go-to name for TMV (thermostatic mixing valve) testing services.

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    Plumbing emergencies

    If you have a plumbing emergency, then call our plumbers. Pakenham locals can count on us 24/7. So, if you ever have a burst pipe, or other urgent repair issue, then call Jet Plus Plumbing as we will offer the swift response that you need.

    Of course, it’s best to avoid a plumbing emergency if at all possible. So, if you notice a slow draining sink, backed up water, or other evidence of a blocked drain, then call Jet Plus Plumbing for a solution.

    To contact our plumbers, Pakenham locals can call, email, or send their questions through the online enquiry form at any time.

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