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A Guide To Preventing And Dealing With Blocked Drains

It’s easy to take modern plumbing for granted. When the pipes are leak free, toilets are flushing and drains flowing, most of us don’t give our plumbing systems a second thought UNTIL we notice something is Off!
Usually you will notice the bathroom sink is not draining quickly, or you are standing in water in the shower or the toilet water is rising when you flush with weird noises and smells as an added extra.

While preventative maintenance and proper foresight can help keep blocked drains at bay, you could still end up having to deal with a blockage.
There’s nothing wrong with trying to fix the issue yourself, but know when it’s time to call a blocked drain plumber at Jet Plus Plumbing to help.


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Common Causes Of A Blocked Drains In Lysterfield

There are seemingly innocent products all over your house that pose a slow and steady threat to your drains. Every drain in your home has its own set of culprits.


Soap scum, hair and dirt slowly work their way down the shower drain. Over time, the buildup will cause a nasty drain blockage. Before the drain becomes completely blocked, you’ll notice the drain slowing and water taking longer to drain.

Bathroom Sink

Hair gets into the bathroom sink too. Toothpaste and soap residue will also build up over time, backing up your drain.

Kitchen Sink

We all love having a garbage disposal in prime working order. The problem is, it almost dares you to cram any type of kitchen waste down its throat. The main drain blockage reasons are food particles and kitchen grease.

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How To Keep Your Lysterfield Drains Clear

Prevention is the most effective way to save an emergency call to a plumber. Next, we’ll go into some of the most effective methods of preventing drain blockages.

Shower: Keep the drain stopper clean. The drain stopper in your shower will help keep your drains flowing. However, hair and soap scum will start making its way through if you don’t keep the drain clear.

Toilet: The most important thing to keep in mind is knowing what is flushable and what isn’t. When in doubt, always throw something away rather than risking a blockage.

Kitchen Sink: Keep the grease out and be careful about what types of food waste you put down the drain. Greasy meats and anything with bones should be disposed of in the bin. Also make sure to run water when you run the garbage disposal and don’t power the disposal off too soon.

blocked drains

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Take Extra Preventative Measures With Lysterfield Drain Checks

Blocked drains can still happen even if you are diligent about taking the proper precautions at home. That’s why you should schedule periodic maintenance with a professional plumber. At Jet Plus Plumbing, our plumbers in Melbourne perform a plumbing tune-up. The real benefit with a tune-up is that not only does it keep the drains flowing, but a thorough inspection will catch small problems before they become big ones. There are a few key services every plumber should provide.

  • Hot Water Service Flushing
  • Hydro-Jetting
  • Leaking Tap and Sink Repairs

Too many people assume the only time to call a plumber is when a drain is blocked or a pipe is broken. Calling us to perform periodic maintenance will actually save you money and time over the long term.

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Have A Blocked Drain In Lysterfield?

Maybe you are reading this because you have a blocked drain right now and need to get it handled ASAP. Well, you came to the right page. Let’s get into the best way to go about having a blocked drain cleaned, along with a few things to avoid.

Know Your Limits When Trying To DIY

If you have a blocked drain, the first thing you would do is try the quick and easy fix first. Those liquid drain clearing solutions you find at the store will only offer a short-term fix at best.

Some homeowners will try to take things a step further before calling in a professional plumber by attempting to ‘snake or hose’ the drain themselves. The ‘snake’ which is also referred to as an auger, is a coil that can reach deep into a drain to clear out the blockage. Putting a plumbing snake in the inexperienced hands of a homeowner could easily end up doing more harm than good.

First of all, there’s the risk of using the auger incorrectly and damaging the pipes. It’s also not uncommon for augers to break as the result of misuse. You could end up having to pay to replace the rented snake, and having to hire a plumber – making the job more expensive than it needed to be.

blocked drains

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How Does A Plumber Perform Lysterfield Drain Cleaning?

The first thing a professional plumber will do is get to the bottom of what exactly is causing your blockage. In some cases, it may be necessary to run our specialised camera through your pipes to take a look at the problems and any potential complications that could arise. Once the issue is properly diagnosed, there are a number of solutions we will consider.

Hydro-Jetting: This is a long-term drain cleaning solution that uses extremely high-pressure water jets to flush out your pipes. The hydro-jetting process removes blockages along with debris and residue to leave your pipes clean. Jet Plus Plumbing is a specialist blocked drain plumber in Melbourne.

What About Sewer Blockages?

A blocked sewer line can cause problems throughout your home or business, and even lead to a nasty sewage backup if the issue isn’t addressed promptly. Sewer issues will typically have a few of the following warning signs.

  • Slow flushing toilets
  • Slow drains throughout the house
  • Sewage smell seeping

Hydro-jetting is also an effective method of clearing out sewer lines. However, in severe cases, the sewer line may need to be repaired or replaced of the cause of the blockage is a tree or plant root growing through the main sewer pipe. The most efficient way to have this done would be through trenchless sewer replacement. This method requires specialised equipment that allows us to replace a sewer line without having to dig a big trench through your yard.

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Lysterfield in Melbourne is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Located just 35 kilometers southeast of the Melbourne CBD, Lysterfield offers a variety of recreational activities that cater to all ages and fitness levels.

Whether you’re looking to hike, bike, swim or simply relax by the water’s edge with a picnic basket in hand, Lysterfield Park has something for everyone. The park boasts over 1,400 hectares of natural bushland set around the tranquil waters of Lysterfield Lake which provides ample opportunities for spotting native wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and many bird species. So if you’re feeling adventurous or just want to escape from the city for a day trip or weekend getaway – pack your bags and head on down to Lysterfield!

Outdoor Recreational Activities in Lysterfield

You can’t miss out on the stunning trails and picturesque views while hiking or biking around Lysterfield’s scenic lake. The park offers a range of outdoor recreational activities, including hiking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, and even horseback riding. The trails are well-maintained and offer a mix of easy to challenging routes for all levels of fitness. You’ll be surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife as you take in the stunning views of the lake and surrounding hills. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of this hidden gem in Melbourne!

Exploring Lysterfield Park’s Wildlife

Discovering the diverse range of wildlife that inhabits this stunning park is an absolute delight. Lysterfield Park is home to many different species of animals, from wallabies and kangaroos to echidnas and possums. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a platypus in the lake! Here are five things to keep an eye out for when exploring Lysterfield’s wildlife: 1) The elusive Powerful Owl – listen out for their distinctive calls at night. 2) Eastern Grey Kangaroos – they can often be seen grazing on the grassy slopes around the lake. 3) Rainbow Lorikeets – these colourful birds are a common sight in the trees around the picnic areas. 4) Brush-tailed Possums – watch out for their beady eyes peering down at you from tree branches after dark. 5) Blue-tongued Lizards – these slow-moving reptiles are often seen sunning themselves on rocks or logs along walking tracks. So grab your binoculars and camera, and get ready to explore all that Lysterfield’s wildlife has to offer!

Finding Tranquility in Lysterfield

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Escape the chaos of city life and unwind in the serene oasis that is Lysterfield Park. Nestled in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs, this picturesque park offers a variety of tranquil spots to relax and recharge. Take a peaceful stroll along one of the many walking trails, or find a quiet spot by the lake to watch the world go by. If you’re feeling more adventurous, hire a kayak or paddle board and explore the calm waters. Whatever your preferred method of relaxation may be, Lysterfield has something for everyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. So why not pack a picnic basket, grab a book, and spend an afternoon surrounded by nature’s beauty at Lysterfield Park?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Lysterfield and how did it get its name?

Lysterfield is named after the town of Lysterfield, which was established in 1851. The area was used for farming and quarrying before becoming a national park in 1975. Today, it offers hiking trails and recreational activities for visitors.

Are there any notable events or festivals that take place in Lysterfield?

There are no notable events or festivals that take place in Lysterfield, but the area is known for its beautiful natural scenery and outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

What are the best local restaurants or cafes to visit in the area?

Coincidentally, my friends and I recently visited Lysterfield and stumbled upon The General Food Store. Their homemade pastries and coffee were delicious. We also enjoyed the outdoor seating at Cafe Veloce for lunch.

What are some unique or unusual experiences to have in Lysterfield?

For a unique experience in Lysterfield, we recommend exploring the stunning national park by bike or on foot. You can also try your hand at fishing in the lake or spot kangaroos and wallabies in their natural habitat.

How does Lysterfield compare to other suburbs in Melbourne in terms of cost of living and quality of life?

Living in Melbourne suburbs can feel like a game of Tetris, balancing cost and quality of life. Lysterfield offers a good balance with affordable housing, great schools, parks and easy access to the city.

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About Lysterfield, VIC

Lysterfield (Boonwurrung: Waralk-warrabin) is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 32 km south-east of Melbourne's Central Business District, located within the City of Knox and the Shire of Yarra Ranges local government areas. Lysterfield recorded a population of 6,681 at the 2021 census.== History == The area around Lysterfield was first settled in 1838. Initially it was part of Narre Warren, but was named Lysterfield in 1874 when land was set aside for a primary school. At this time, Lysterfield included what is now Rowville. The land was primarily used for farming. Lysterfield Road is one of the major blackspots in Victoria. When the Victorian State Government fixed it, it cost $2.3m. Further along that road is the City of Knox Avenue of honour, which was first planted in 1918–19 in recognition of First World War veterans. This is a group of pine trees.

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