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    Backflow Prevention

    If you need qualified advice or services from a backflow prevention plumber, then you can call on the team at Jet Plus Plumbing. We follow all Victorian regulations to ensure our customers in Melbourne are safeguarded by backflow prevention devices that are efficient and compliant.

    You can call on us to install, repair, alter, maintain, test, or commission any appropriate backflow prevention device. If you have been advised that the plumbing in your building is at high risk, or if you require an assessment, then you can get in touch with the Jet Plus PlumbCommercial and industrialing team.

    Requirements for business premises and residential properties will vary, and so it is always worth checking whether your plumbing systems require backflow prevention. Commercial and industrial premises where potential water contaminants are used or processed may pose a higher risk for contamination through backflow, and so these industries will need to follow all appropriate guidelines.

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    The Backflow Prevention Plumber You Can Call on for Honest and Efficient Service

    For some council areas, all properties must be assessed to determine their risk of backflow. This could depend upon the water supply for your region. If you are unsure whether your property has been assessed, or your backflow prevention devices are due for testing, then you can talk to a backflow prevention plumber at Jet Plus Plumbing. We work throughout the Melbourne suburbs to give our customers peace of mind, and to help them to meet their obligations.

    Any property that has been assessed and found to have a medium to high risk, must have a backflow prevention device installed at the appropriate points. This device must then be tested every twelve months. When they require backflow testing, Melbourne residents and business owners can call on our team. We will carry out our testing in accordance with all regulations so that your test results can be submitted to the relevant body.

    Call Us for the Backflow Testing Melbourne Residents Can Rely On

    Annual testing of all backflow prevention devices is an essential part of keeping yourself, and your community safe. When backflow does occur, it has the potential to contaminate the main water supply. Less serious consequences of a faulty backflow device can include lost water and reduced water pressure to your property. To ensure your device is operating efficiently, and most importantly, safely, it is important to schedule annual backflow testing. Melbourne residents and business owners alike can contact the Jet Plus Plumbing team with their questions, for a quote, or to schedule their next backflow prevention device inspection.

    Our licensed and professional team pride themselves on providing exceptional communication, and outstanding customer service. We offer a range of plumbing services to ensure we meet the needs of our local community, so why not get in touch to find out more about our services today.

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