Green Plumbers Promote Water and Energy Conservation

Plumbers who specialise in green technology have an advantage because their services are performed with efficiency at the forefront. This is good for home and business owners in two ways.

First, the short term: Green plumbing practices include minimising water and material waste on the job.

Second, the long term: Green plumbers prioritise installing energy-efficient appliances to save their customers money over time.

Green plumbers help educate their clients on how to save water and improve their overall energy efficiency.

What green plumbers do differently

    • Work to reduce our ecological impact while employing sound plumbing practices
    • Install fixtures and accessories that use less water
    • Offer solar water heater options
    • Clear plumbing issues without chemicals
    • Recycling waste materials
    • Purchasing materials from suppliers who promote green practices
    • Install rainwater capture and filter systems
    • Install graywater reuse systems
    • Water audits, inspections, calculations, and reports
    • Focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    • Educate customers on water efficiency
    • Use recycled materials where appropriate (e.g. flush valves)
    • Possess more comprehensive knowledge of how and when water is used

Why Would Anyone Hire a Green Plumber?

Plumbers trained in green technology do more than install high-efficiency appliances.

Green plumbers know how to source and install gray water systems for commercial and residential use.

Looking at plumbing differently

Green plumbing contractors also help their customers learn ways to save money by adopting water-saving techniques at home. Here are some ways you can start:

    • Toilet Options – Install a dual-flush or low-flow toilet in your bathrooms. This can help save more than 15,000 gallons of water per year in an average household.
    • Catching Cold Water – Waiting for water to warm up in the bathtub or sink can waste close to 300 gallons per month. By simply placing a bucket under the tap to catch the cold water, homeowners can save money, water, and use the saved water for other purposes.
    • Water-Saving Hacks – If you’re not able to replace your toilet, save water by placing a brick or plastic bottle filled with small rocks in the tank. This reduces the amount of water needed to refill the bowl each time it’s flushed.
    • Rinsing Right – If you wash dishes by hand, save up to 500 gallons of water a month by filling a bucket or the second sink compartment with rinse water. Running water to rinse each dish individually is significantly more wasteful.
    • Cleaning Up Appliances – Replacing old, energy-intensive dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines with Energy Star versions will greatly reduce your environmental footprint as well as your water bill.