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Troubleshooting Toilet Plumbing Problems

Although toilets are relatively simple to operate, there are many factors that can cause toilet plumbing issues. Here are some hints that can help you figure out what is wrong with your toilet and how to fix it.

Inside the Tank

Most toilet plumbing issues are quite easy to address. Looking inside the toilet tank to become familiar with the operating mechanisms will help you assess problems in your toilet plumbing.

Remove the lid off the cistern. A outside handle is pulled when flushing which is attached inside to a handle lever. This has a chain at the end which is attached to a flapper. this is installed in the form of a rubber plug and seals water in the tank until you flush it. At the back of the lever, you will see an overflow pipe and coming out of that is a fill tube. The fill tube is attached to the ballcock.

Unblock Your Toilet

If you constantly hear running water through the toilet system, the lift chain could have come away from the handle lever. Alternatively, the diaphragm ballcock or plunger is not shutting the water off totally. If this is the case, you can simply curve the float arm and push the float ball deeper into the water.

If the pull handle is too loose, tighten it with a counter clockwise turn from inside the tank. Be sure not to make it too tight because you might crack the tank body. If the ball is not sitting in the water correctly, adjust the ball and check it for leaks. If it is leaking, change it for a new one. Place it back in the water and if it sits right, you shouldn’t have any further problems.

If the flow pipe is draining too much water, lower the water level until it is under the recommended line. If the level of water in the cistern is too high, reduce it to a more acceptable level to prevent it from running over.

If you have a close coupled toilet, check around the underside of the joints where they connect and make sure there is no water leaking out from underneath. If there are signs of dripping or condensation, you will probably need to replace the rubber gasket between the cistern and bowl support.

Inside the Bowl

Problems in the tank are normally the main causes of toilet plumbing problems although flushing problems also arise quite frequently. If the toilet is blocked, the water won’t empty into the drain when you flush it. In fact, you may get excess water overflowing over the bowl. This can either be caused by excessive use of toilet paper which clogs the waste pipe or a blockage further down the sewage system. In this situation, you will require the use of a plunger, which causes a vacuum in the waste pipe. This will cause an air kick back and clear any obstructions in the pipe work.

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