Floor Drain Repairs

There are signs that your sewer is beginning to block up. These are indicators to watch for and actions to take to prevent a messy situation. Your floor drain is your first warning.

If you notice water backing up from your floor drain when doing laundry or after a heavy rain, you need to be concerned.

The water will often drain away slowly and people will think the problem is solved. The reality is that the problem did not go away. It’s an indication that the line is getting partially blocked. Under a heavy load it cannot handle a large amount of water.

When there is a heavy rain, and a backup occurs in a newer home, it usually shows up during laundry. In older homes that do not have a sump pump, the weeping tile is more likely to be tied into the drain. In a heavy rain the water is trying to go down the sewer which is partially blocked, so then it backs up.

How To Fix Your Floor Drain

At Jet Plus Plumbing, we suggest if you notice issues, call our floor drain specialists. We will inspect, clean, and repair your sewer lines. With cameras we can tell what is going on and advise you if there is anything further that should be done. In most cases a sewer clean-out is all that is required.

Ignoring the warning signs can lead to major plumbing problems. The damage that is caused by a backed up sewer can be very expensive. Flooring, drywall and family treasures can be destroyed. Simple sewer maintenance is all it takes to prevent such a blockage.

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