Drain & Pipe Relining Melbourne


At Jet Plus Plumbing we offer a range of drain and plumbing services across Melbourne. This includes drain and pipe relining for residential and commercial properties.


If you’ve had a pipe or drain break, you might be considering getting your pipes relined while getting the damage repaired. So, what will it cost you?

The answer depends on a number of factors.


What are the factors that affect the cost of pipe relining?

  • Size of pipe to be lined
  • Size of pipe to be lined
  • Location of the pipe being relined, eg inside a building or over a cliff.
  • Access to the pipe to be lined for vehicles, equipment etc.
  • Where the liner can be wet out – power/water etc.
  • Points of access to the drain (1 upstream and 1 downstream is preferred)
  • Window of time to do work: night / day, and how long can the pipe be out of service?
  • Condition of the pipe being relined. What rehab work is required before relining
  • Are there any special factors with the discharge to the drain? E.g. acidic/ high temperatures.
  • Smaller diameter pipes are riskier to line. The bigger the pipe the lower the risk


Basic rules for pipe relining

  1. Where tree roots are involved, don’t just line the affected joint, line the entire section as the roots will grow down to the next joint and re-enter the pipe
  2. The higher the risk of failure the higher the price.
  3. If you can easily dig up or access the pipe then that is a better option

Will getting your pipes relined be worth the cost?

If it seems like too much of a fuss to get your pipes relined, ask yourself how much more inconvenient it might be when a pipe starts to leak and the plumbers tell you they need to dig up your driveway, garden beds, or even your premises.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you in regards to pipe/drain relining, get in touch with Jet Plus Plumbing – Melbourne’s drain and plumbing specialist.