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    Jet Plus Plumbing offers a comprehensive Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) pipe inspection and monitoring for the review and administration of wastewater systems. Our plumbing inspection service enables the collection of inspection data using a range of specially developed cameras to provide a full colour video inspection service on all types of pipes. All cameras are tracked from the surface and the precise location of defects or blockages are marked for service.

    Our pipe camera service allows us to trace and pinpoint locations for survey references and examine the structural integrity of drainage assets. Jet Plus Plumbing CCTV plumbing inspections can identify defects, debris, pollutants as well as threats to drain function before carrying out preventive measures.


    CCTV Plumbing Inspection Benefits

    • Identifies drain blockages to stormwater drains, tree roots, sumps, wash bay piping, and oil separator piping
    • Pre slab pour inspections
    • Provides a quick and accurate way to get an instant, detailed look at the condition of underground sewer or stormwater drainage systems
    • Enables chemical treatment of conduits for effective root control
    • Helps plan pipe cleaning schedules and future maintenance work
    • Helps develop cost-saving plans to maximise life of expensive assets

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