Audrey Lane Reserve Playground in Melbourne, VIC is a fantastic destination for kids and families. Located in the heart of the city, this play area boasts an array of fun activities to keep children entertained. From slides and swings to sand pits and water fountains, there’s something for everyone here! With its conveniently central location, it’s easy to get to Audrey Lane Reserve Playground from any part of town. Whether you’re looking for some outdoor family time or just want to let your little ones run wild, this playground has got you covered.

Location And Accessibility

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne, Audrey Lane Reserve Playground is a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike. One theory suggests it has been around since colonial times; however, after an extensive investigation into its history, it appears that this popular spot was established only recently. With ample parking nearby and wheelchair access to all areas, it’s easy to reach no matter what your mode of transport. Not only does the playground feature plenty of fun activities such as swings, slides and monkey bars, but there are also shaded picnic tables available for families looking for a respite from the sun. All in all, Audrey Lane Reserve Playground provides a safe space for both children and adults to enjoy some outdoor recreation – so why not pay it a visit today?

Facilities And Features

Audrey Lane Reserve Playground in Melbourne is a great place for children of all ages to have fun and get some exercise. It boasts an impressive selection of facilities and features, including:

  • A large play area with playground equipment such as swings, slides, monkey bars, and climbing frames;
  • An outdoor basketball court;
  • Picnic tables and BBQs perfect for family gatherings;
  • Beautiful landscaped grounds filled with native flora and fauna.
    It’s the ideal spot for families looking to make cherished memories together! Whether you’re playing on the playground or having lunch at one of the picnic tables, Audrey Lane Reserve Playground offers something for everyone.

Safety And Security

At Audrey Lane Reserve Playground, safety and security are of paramount importance. From regular patrols by the local police to comprehensive surveillance cameras throughout the grounds, every effort is taken to keep visitors safe at all times. The rules for using the playground are clear and posted at all entrances: no smoking or drinking alcohol, no dogs (except service animals), and children must be supervised by an adult. In addition, a lifeguard is on duty during peak hours so that everyone can enjoy their time there with confidence knowing help is nearby if needed. All these measures have helped make Audrey Lane Reserve Playground one of Melbourne’s premiere outdoor destinations – a place where families can come together in peace and harmony without fear of harm.

Opening Hours And Admission

Audrey Lane Reserve Playground in Melbourne is open to visitors of all ages from 8am until 7pm, with no admission fee. The playground features a range of amenities for both children and adults alike, including a basketball court, walking trails, picnic tables and benches, a sandpit and swingsets. It’s an ideal spot for families looking for some outdoor fun – or just time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. No matter what you’re seeking to get out of your visit to Audrey Lane Reserve Playground, it promises something special for everyone who passes through its gates.

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